Charelle Restorative Eye Serum Set


Charelle Bright Eyes Morning Serum

Designed to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.  Enhanced with pure coffee blossom extract, this energizing serum:" wakes up" your eyes - the window to your soul.
Charelle Light Eyes Restoring Eye Serum
Designed to stimulate circulation, Charelle Light Eyes Restoring Eye Serum reduces excess fluid, minimizes dark circles, and softens fine lines around the eyes. Rich in pure cypress essential oil, this formula helps you sleep deeply and wake luminescent.


The Charelle Natural Skincare line would not be complete without an eye serum.  The eyes, window to the soul, are one of our most delicate organs, and the skin around the eyes, likewise.  It is important to include a separate treatment for the eyes in your daily moisturizing routine

The Charelle line of eye serums not only treats the skin around the eyes but focuses on the general health of the eye as well.  We included in our serums many different products to improve the health of the eye, not only the skin around the eyes.  The basis for this being is that when the skin is healthy it will look better and it will glow with good health and radiance, likewise when the eye is healthy it will sparkle and shine and have an overall improved appearance.

Using this theory as a basis we proceeded to include many of the different all natural products which are used for healthy eyes.  When we think of healthy eyes, the first thing that comes to mind are carrots.  It is true! Carrots are excellent for the eyes and also for the skin as well.  Carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene both of which help in removing damage from free radicals which promotes healthy younger looking skin.  In addition to its’ anti-aging properties, carrot oil contains lutein, a compound that is vision-promoting and helps to prevent age- related macular degeneration and cataracts.  Cannabis oil, otherwise known as hemp oil, with its’ many healing properties is being rediscovered, and it is one of the cutting edge oils being used in cosmetic products today. High in omega 6 and GLA, hemp oil is excellent both for the health of the skin and for the health of the eyes.  As healers, it was important to both Dr. Paige Farkas, and to myself, to build cosmetic products that would help our customers to achieve beauty by providing them with ingredients that would improve their overall health. Using carrot and cannabis oils as our base for Bright Eyes and Light eyes, satisfied this need, and we are comfortable knowing that when our customers use our products they are doing more than improving their image and appearance, but that they are also improving their health. 

First health than beauty, or rather let the two go hand in hand.  The aromatherapy oils used in our eye serums include, cypress, geranium, frankincense, and sandalwood, each individual oil and the combination of these oils has important properties, both for beauty of the skin, their remarkable anti-aging properties, and of course for the health of the eye as well.  Our goal was an eye serum that would diminish fine wrinkles around the eyes, but also one that would reduce puffiness around the eyes, dark circles, and those bags that are not Prada.  We started off with cypress oil.  Cypress constricts the vessels and increases the flow.  This action specifically works on puffiness and bags under the eyes.  Say goodbye to those dark circles, hello to large, open, clear, wide eyes.  Cypress helps the lymphatic system to improve drainage which removes the excess fluid around the eyes and allows the eyes to open wider and to appear larger. 

Sweet smelling geranium came next, and to be honest, geranium oil is one of my personal favourites.  Geranium oil is uplifting, it reduces anxiety, promotes emotional well-being, lessens fatigue and helps to balance hormones.  The mood enhancing abilities of geranium is bonus, this is before we even begin to discuss what geranium does for your skin!  Used since ancient times, geranium has always been included in cosmetic products because it has the marvellous ability to promote radiant skin.  But wait, there’s more! Like the cypress oil, geranium oil also reduces inflammation and to increases circulation.  Your eyes are growing bigger and wider as you read.  Pretty soon, with any luck, they will be larger than your stomach. J

Frankincense and sandalwood are the base notes of the eye serums.  These two woody oils are used to reduce stress and inflammation.  When used in the eye serums these oils encourage the eye muscles to relax and to help relieve all the pressure that we carry around in our eyes.  The inclusion of these oils is why so many of our customers report a sense of lightness around the eyes after using Charelle Light Eyes and Charelle Bright Eyes, the Charelle double daily eye serum package.   But why do you need two eye serums.  The answer is pure magic!

Coffee! The reason why we have two eye serums is because of the coffee.  Charelle Bright Eyes, is the eye serum for morning usage because it has coffee, which wakes you up and helps you to start your day, and Charelle Light Eyes, eye serum for the evening which is pure relaxation and allows your eyes to completely let go as you enter the world of dreams.  The addition of the coffee to Charelle Bright Eyes morning serum, is magical.  Not only does coffee have the many of the same constricting properties as the cypress oil, working on diminishing your bags and dark circles, the coffee oil is of course energizing. The addition of coffee to your eye serum, gives you that extra boost, it is energizing! Bright Eyes wakes up your eyes and gives them an extra sparkle. And, bonus! Coffee in your cosmetics gives you the extra boost without the negative side effects of drinking more coffee.

As always, our serums are paraben free, chemical free, and use only natural ingredients. The Charelle team hopes you enjoy using your products as much as we enjoy designing and producing them for you, our loyal customers.  We love hearing from you.  Send us an email with any questions or comments you might have.


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